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How do you know if your new invention idea is already out there – already patented?
You don’t – unless you pay a patent agency $200 - $800 to search for you – or try doing your own search on the complex, confusing patent office website. Unfortunately, finding the right search tools on is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You can’t afford to pay an agency and you don’t have time to figure out the maze to do your own search. Until now.

Finally, there is a better solution – that allows you to easily navigate and do your own patent search for every new invention idea – the Do Your Own Patent Search course.

This step-by-step, 5-module course guides you through a simple 1-2-3 process - that points you directly to the most effective search tools on – the same tools that patent attorneys and agents use. Do Your Own Patent Search saves you hundreds of dollars from paying agencies and thousands of dollars pursuing ideas that are already patented.

What you will learn?
Learn how to do your own patent search - with the same method used by patent attorneys:
1. Simple Keyword Search - beginning for every patent search
2. Advanced Keyword Search - refine your search to uncover more relevant patents
3. Class Codes Search - an advanced method to yield additional relevant patents
4. References Cited patents - an additional source of further relevant patents
3 hours on-demand video
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10 Video
3 hours
Section 1. Intro-Part1
Module 1 - Intro
12m 36s
Section 2. Structure of a Patent-Part1
Module 2 - Patent Structure
11m 51s
Section 3. Tour of USPTO-Part1
Module 3 - Tour of - Part 1
12m 40s
Module 3 - Tour of - Part 2
12m 55s
Section 4. Do a 3-Level Patent Search-Part1
Module 4 - Do a 3-Level Patent Search - Part 1
22m 4s
Module 4 - Do a 3-Level Patent Search - Part 2
17m 37s
Module 4 - Do a 3-Level Patent Search - Part 3
19m 23s
Module 4 - Do a 3-Level Patent Search - Part 4
23m 48s
Module 4 - Do a 3-Level Patent Search - Part 5
19m 19s
Section 5. Summary and Test-Part1
Module 5 - Summary, Test, and Additional Resources
20m 24s
Section 6. Knowledge Check-Part1
Review Question
1 questions
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Alan Beckley /INSTRUCTOR
Inventor and Entrepreneur

Alan Beckley is an inventor, entrepreneur, and podcaster. His innovative thin wallet invention, the Wonder Wallet, has sold over $30 million in the marketplace. He provides consulting and assistance to inventors via his website, which has free and paid content, through webinars and online courses and his weekly podcast for inventors - Inventors Helping Inventors. His goal is to help other inventors to achieve more success in their businesses.