About this course

This course will be particularly valuable to practitioners who advise on retirement planning. Topics covered are: 

  • market history and retirement, 
  • common myths and pitfalls in retirement planning 
  • the impact of luck on retirement math
  • contributors of luck factor: sequence of returns, inflation, reverse-dollar-cost-averaging
  • the impact of asset allocation strategies, withdrawal strategies
  • math of loss, time to recover
  • optimum asset allocation
  • purpose-driven sustainable withdrawal rates and stress test
  • the zone strategy
  • how much income is enough, how do you determine if savings are insufficient, sufficient or abundant
  • epilogue: five-year checkup The course covers everything you need to know about math of retirement income. 

After completing this course, you will have a better understanding of retirement concerns and the proper tools necessary to plan for retirement.

This course includes:
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calendar_todayPublished At Jan 15, 2024
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